Davis' First Council Decision Tackles Warming Center, COVID-19 Impact on Local Business Owners

December 15, 2020 marked the last meeting for outgoing council member Ransom and the Honorable Mayor, Robert Rickman, who served 6 years as a councilman before serving two terms as Tracy's Mayor. It marked the first meeting of Tracy's newest council members, Eleassia Davis and Mateo Bedolla, who took first and second places, respectively, in Tracy's recent city council race, where 8 candidates vied for two seats.

Council was tasked with authorizing City Manager, Jenny Harayuma, to execute an agreement for operation of a warming center and give direction on possible location of the warming center. Tracy Community Center and El Pescadero Parking Lot, both city owned properties, were the two locations that were proposed for the warming center. Davis expressed that she was in full support of a warming center but was not thrilled with either location, citing COVID-19 concerns for the community center; lack of conferment with local, sheltered residents as well as a host of safety, noise and vandalism concerns related to El Pescadero Park. Davis asked why the Arbor Road site was not being considered for the warming center since it has already been designated by former council as the future home of Tracy's Temporary Homeless Shelter.

After hearing the Assistant City Manager's explanation of all the barrier's preventing the site's use at this time, council agreed to allow the City Manager to execute the agreement of up to $250,000 at the Tracy Community Center.

Davis Votes to Authorize New Small Business Grant in the amount of $500,000

During the COVID-19 status update report, council was asked to support a city-sponsored, small business grant program in the amount of $500,000. The money would come from the Measure V fund-a fund intended to support city amenities, however, due to Governor Newsom continuing mandated shutdown of certain small businesses, the city is attempting to help business owners in any way that it can. The grant amount would help about 100 eligible business owners who would each receive $5,000 on a first come, first served basis. Although it is not nearly enough to meet the needs of all business owners, every council member agreed that it was important to offer some kind of financial relief to local business owners. Davis voted to support the grant and during the latter part of the meeting requested that council bring back a conversation regarding taking local control over all businesses within Tracy's jurisdiction. To learn more about the small business grant, visit:

(At 5:44) Watch Council Member Davis question the validity of keeping select small businesses closed in accordance with Governor Newsom's COVID-19 mandates and it's devastating impact on small businesses and families throughout Tracy. Davis speaks to the seriousness of the Oath she swore as a condition of public service and expressed her disapproval of supporting policies that infringes upon any individual's State or Federal Constitutional right to support ones self or family.

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